Patio Contractors in Denver

How to Pick the Right Patio Contractor in Denver

At Hardscape Contractors in Denver we specialize in all things outdoor living. We work hard to provide the best landscaping design, hardscape landscaping and landscaping services with the best prices. We create outdoor living with some of the best employees who are trained to perform and implement the highest quality of workmanship. If you are looking for pation contractors in denver, here are some things to look for and ask. 

  1. Be sure your contractor is licensed, bonded and insured. Ask for proof! You are protecting yourself when asking for proof and that’s exactly what you should want to do. Protect your investment. As business owners, we should want to do the same! Be sure to ask before any work has started. 
  2. Ask for a work schedule before the job is started. It should include, start and end days as well as work day start and end times. The number of employees should also be discussed with you so that you know who is on property at all times and are completely comfortable. 
  3. Ask for an estimate, not a price range. There are a lot of contractors who use this type of line, “that’ll probably cost you around $1,000.” Probably? Around? Estimates are exact details of what we spend on product and labor on paper so that you understand everything we are doing on site. 
  4. Sign a contract, not a handshake. The guys that give the line above are usually the ones with just a handshake. We know job sites have unforeseen things that can happen, but having everything else written down and agreed on makes it much easier to discuss when and if a problem comes up. 
  5. Design is everything! Hiring a patio contractor in Denver should come with a trained, professional landscape designer or hardscape designer. Hardscape Design ( Do not settle here. This difference could cost you thousands of dollars in unexpected issues that weren’t caught beforehand and thousands on your ROI when you go to sell your home. Our hardscape designers work with your home and landscape to make sure that everything goes together. 
  6. Ask about the installation process, meaning the levels for the foundation before pavers are laid. The foundation of your paver patio is the most important piece. Don’t allow it to be skimped. Hardscape Contractors (
  7. Ask for referrals, always! If a patio contractor doesn’t have them with him or won’t provide them, there’s a reason. If we come to quote a job, we have referrals ready to hand over. We love to brag about how happy our clients are with our work! Question why another contractor wouldn’t feel that way. 

The last thing you need to do to find the perfect candidate for a patio contractor is to give us a call! We can’t wait to work with you.