Outdoor Living

Outdoor Living Omaha, NE

Your outdoor living space in an extension of your Omaha home and should be able to be enjoyed to the fullest. The fresh air and company of friends and family in a natural and beautifully landscaped space is hard to beat. Our Hardscape Contractors landscapers love working with our Omaha clients to bring their dreams to reality. We will work out your ideas whether you have a vague idea of what you want or if you know exactly what you need. We want your Omaha landscape to be a place that you love being in at night with your friends and family or even drinking your morning coffee on the patio.


We can create the landscape of your dreams with our tenured Omaha hardscaping contractors. We can transform your property and create beautiful patios, water fountains, fire features, and more. Through modern technological advances, we can now combine both fire and water into the same stunning feature. The combination of fire and water will add elegance and beauty to your property.

Quality Hardscaping

At Hardscape Contractors we pride ourselves on high-quality Omaha hardscaping with a perfectly completed product and unmatched service. We specialize in one of a kind works of art to meet all of the needs and wants of you the homeowner. All of our work is undertaken with owner management and supervision to ensure a high-quality product. We work on one project at a time to produce the best product possible every time.

Hardscape Ideas

Built-In Grills & Outdoor Kitchens

We can build beautiful natural hardscape for your grill. Your grill is only one part of your dream outdoor kitchen. We build complete and fully functional outdoor kitchens for all of your summer cooking needs. Who does not want to cook in a fully functional kitchen on a beautiful summer day?

Natural Stone Fire Features

Natural stone fire features are awe-inspiring with calming flames. Our fire features are safe and controlled to ensure the safety of everyone around the fire.

Natural Stone Water Features

Natural stone water features add a great ambiance to your property. We offer a wide variety of different water features including bubblers, waterfalls, and ponds.

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