Deck Ideas & Trends

Deck Ideas

At Hardscape Colorado, outdoor living is kinda our thing! Our landscape designer and hardscape designers don’t just stay on top of the trends, they create them! We enjoy the process of working with our clients to envision a space and then work within the budget, timeline and landscape terrain to make it come to life. 

Custom decks are more popular now than ever before. Then pandemic forced us all to love our homes a little more than we thought we ever could. What it also did though was give us an opportunity to be really creative and explorative with our custom deck trends. Here are some of the top deck trends we’re seeing and utilizing in our jobs. 

  1. Larger Decks…I know, this seems an easy one, but we are seeing the draw to having even more outdoor living space. Having room to host family and friends has become a major necessity in our everyday lives. More space is always on point. 
  2. Fire Tables. We used to see more people trending towards separate fire pit areas out in the yard away from the rest of the living space. With safer, controlled fire tables, we’re seeing the demand for fire tables to be incorporated into the design of custom decks. 
  3. Incorporating Green Space ideas directly into design elements. Green spaces for plants have become more popular with the pandemic as well. A lot of people learned to grow things and learned the joy of watching something grow. Our landscape designers can work with you to incorporate green space directly in the space you have. Whether that’s a greenery wall, hanging space or sunken beds directly into a deck space, we can make it happen. 
  4. “Throwing Some Shade” at custom decks has also become more popular. Again, with more people at home, there is a greater need for space. To utilize that space, comes the need for shade. It’s not just terraces anymore. Our landscape designers work with your home to make sure your custom deck fits the full aesthetic of your home. 
  5. Outdoor Entertainment and Living. Again, finding ways to get more people to enjoy a space has given us the opportunity to incorporate everything from televisions, to full kitchens to outdoor heaters and anything else you can imagine. We are literally building full living spaces outdoors. 
  6. Privacy walls have also become more popular and often incorporate the green spaces we discussed above. Privacy walls are a fun way to get creative with your outdoor living space. 

Some deck trends will come and go, but a well-designed space will always be on trend. Give us a call and let our design team get creative for you and your home.