Custom Deck Additions For Your Backyard Patio

Create the Perfect Deck To Compliment Your Patio

Wanting to transform your backyard deck into your dream patio? Hardscape Contractors will build the best custom deck for you with a budget that is in your price range and a design that suits your vision. When the summer weather in Denver is just right, it must be enjoyed outside on a deck that has personal design and feel. Hardscape Contractors wants to help you enjoy your summer by adding custom deck additions to your patio.

Deck Contractors Installation and Custom Deck Designs

At Hardscape Contractors we have experienced professionals that will work with you to build a custom deck that is affordable. We take the time to build a custom deck that personally caters to your hardscaping preferences. Our experts help you choose decking materials that match what you picture in your mind. Hardscape Contractors offerswood decking that is structured to last through a long Colorado winter and  composite decking that looks neat and makes for an easy clean. 

What is the difference between Composite Decking and Wood Decking?

Wood Decks:

  • Sturdy, strong, and built to last 
  • Options for a beautiful looking backyard deck, where choices range from cedar, mahogany, tigerwood, and more
  • Affordable
  • Ample opportunity to build a custom deck with personal color, shape, and size choices

Composite Decks:

  • Made of fibers encased in recycled fabric materials, such as PVC, that are eco friendly
  • Cleaning process is easy with less stains, rotting, and splinter-free
  • Appears similar to wood decking styles

Whether you choose wood decking or composite decking, Hardscape Contractors can build the dream deck you are looking for.

Porcelain Decks and Aluminum Decks

Porcelain decks give homeowners an opportunity to coordinate their interior with their exterior by using high-quality Italian porcelain. The advantages of porcelain decks are their weather, stain, moss, mold, and frost resistance. The maintenance process on a porcelain deck is minimal and the finishing look adds an aesthetic appeal to your home.

Aluminum decks are also low maintenance and currently very popular. They can add a very modern look to your home and increase its value. They are also durable, eco friendly, fireproof, color-lasting, and strong.

Call Hardscape Contractors to build the best deck additions for your Denver home.